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Area Rug

Art beneath your feet is a perfect way of dramatically transforming your space. 

Inspired by Masterpieces of the greatest artists of all time, the Neoclassical Pop Art Area Rugs collection exhibits history and culture created for making an artistic statement to pop your interior design. 

Providing a luxurious look that steals the show, the Collectible Art rags are designed for discerning buyers where Art meets affordability, making high-end Art accessible to all. We Cut prices without ever compromising the Art.

Each Neoclassical Pop Art custom-made rug is a signature piece mixing contemporary art authenticity sparked by the Golden age antiquity adding a unique character to sparkle the looks of your space. 

Rugs define your style. A good Rug is the anchor of any room's decorative scheme. Check out our matching Throw Pillow to complement your rug with accessories that create a harmonious continuum. 


12 of 71 Items
12 of 71 Items