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UNMASKED: History Greatest Artists

priya n. chen self portrait by the NY nuseum artist Robert Bery

PriYa, Neoclassical Pop Art Owner, is a None Dual Philosopher and Yogi from the linage of Sri Ramana Maharishi, High Tech Solution Selling consultant, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and a Versatile Artist and Producer mastering over 12 different Artforms including and not limited to Music Production & Sound Engineering, 3D, digital art and design, painting & sculpturing, installation, poetry & dramatic writing acting & directing, Jewelry & fashion design, architecture, Video art & Commercial Art Directing...A true Digital Renaissance Artist.

PriYa is the sole female artist in all of humanity who invented a novel painting expression with absolute originality. A never before seen anywhere in the Art History books. PriYa's exceptional artistic accomplishment, gained at the age of twenty-three, during her first year at the art academy, ever achieved only by a few master painters like Van Gogh, and Jackson Pollock.

Her first solo exhibition, curated by her mentor Prof. Jacob Mishori, at the Jerusalem Artist House subject to the Israeli Excellency program, followed with an exhibition as a guest artist of Prof. Jacob Mishori solo exhibition at Tel Aviv Artist House. And, sponsored by the Finish and Israeli Governments, she exhibited the unique expression at the Artist House Helsinki. 

Priya  n. Chen paintings

Establishing copyright publication raised waves in the academy that far reached. As far as the Israeli art market goes, PriYa's  innovation shook the ground of figures leading the old school Israeli "lyric abstract" evolving of German art influences that resisted Prof. Mishori's decades-long attempts to bring forth Pop Art's vivid colors influence the local scene.

This was a worldwide achievement, and everyone agreed PriYa's artworks are masterpieces, and brought an end to the "lyrical" debate, breaking the limitations posed by the conservative market. In his introduction to her exhibition, Prof.Mishori wrote in Hebrew slang that PriYa shows Jackson Pollock "who's the boss."

PriYa's lifelong study asserts that knowing oneself once can create innovative expressions that imprint his unique DNA. The research involves alternative color theory & healing technology associated with sacred scriptures, astrophysics, psychology, and physiology, which attracted her encounter with the 20th century living enlightened sages.

Like Johann Sebastian Bach, PriYa relates her innovativeness to spiritual insights. Her unique painting draw is designed to induce the viewer's mind into a meditative calm state. Contemplating on her innovative Abstract painting, the enlightened Master Sri W.H.Poonjaji commented: "I see God.” Since the painting was part of a series portraying the mysteries of the "Tree of Life" in her opinion, it is the best Art Critic she could ever win. A piece of that artwork series located at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

Holding studio, permanent, and Group exhibitions at the 17th century House of the leading Flemish Baroque painter, Jacob Jordeans, Antwerp, Belgium, begun PriYa's intimate acquaintance with the Old Masters craftsmanship.

jacob jordeans house

After Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordeans was the leading Flemish Baroque painter of his day appointed by Robens to complete his unfinished artworks.

Creating dozens of paintings, drawings, pieces of jewelry, and sculptures at the Jordeans mansion, after one hundred years it was closed, you could hear the walls whispering Jordeans secrets into the newly born creations.

priya.n.chen sculptures

Surrounded by the Old Masters legendary artworks, with frequent visits to Rubens house, the cathedral, and churches filled with masterpieces, intrigued the first her appropriation of the Old Masters. PriYa converted a series of 12 paintings,  portraying the astrological signs  Jordeans designed for his house inspired by Greek mythology, stolen by Napoleon, into sculptures, bass relief andand India's hand-painted commercial-style paintings. Merging and melting the classical Greek symmetry with the Indian one, while going back and forth between her studio in Belgium and another in India, planted the first seeds giving birth to Neoclassical Pop Art.

JACOB jordeans bas relief

The remarkable journey with the greatest artists of all times continued in Paris, where PriYa celebrated creating at La Villa des Arts. The house giving birth to all major art movements of the 19th and 20th centuries to name a few of its residents: Paul Cézanne impressionism, Auguste Renoir, Paul Signac neo-impressionism, Léon Bonnat, Benjamin Constant academicism, Eugène Carrière symbolism, Louis Marcoussis cubism, Francis Picabia Dadaism, Marcel Jean surrealism, Nicolas Schöffer cybernetic art , also attracting visitors like Picasso, Dali, Paul Eluard, André Breton, Joan Miro, Gertrude Stein, and Fellini that filmed there for his film Les clowns. One can only imagine the inspiration.

la croix tour eiffel

Living and working at the studio of Nicolas Schöffer, founder of cybernétique computer-driven cybernetic art, as he left it, surrounded with all his studies resulted in innovative designs in the field of sculptural architecture and in-depth development of her Cyber Jewelry initially created visiting a French artist studio, during a weekend in Paris from leftover metals in her studio, and going back to Belgium developing the prototype in Gold. PriYa believes it was not an accident that upon moving to Paris, she been fortunate to live and work at the studio of the founder of cybernetic art right after creating her cyber Jewelry that incorporates healing technology tested by NASA scientists practicing this field. It was the law of attraction. An incredible  spiritual encounter that removed all her doubts in regard to the actuality of metaphysical reality.

The year was 2000, and it was new Year's Eve. Looking outside the decorative French window, there it was, standing right before her eyes, "La Croix de la Tour Eiffel," in English, the Cross Eiffel Tower. A vision.

Meeting the French Naço Architecture Firm infographist Francoise Rene Moron, brought the vision, along with a special light show, into life. PriYa always smiles when remembering his resistance to turning the tower into the tallest cross on earth, even if it was just for a temporary exhibition. No matter that the Eiffel, initially built as a temporary exhibition.  Even that didn't help. After all, the Tour-Eiffel is almost a holy place to France.  And so it is. That begun her explorations in the Field of Architecture.

Seal of Solomon building project

Although while in Paris PriYa was offered by a high-end agent to join as assistant to the Pope Jewelry designer, she declined it to further develop her own art. However, falling in love with Jewelry design she kept developing what she regards "Red Carpet Jewelry", and few other lines involving new healing technology and inspired by sacred geometry. 




Paris is a fashion center and touching ground with the Fashion world, an early childhood passion derived from her fashion designer mother led 

PriYa to collaborate with the French Art and Fashion Magazine Clam, publishing poetry and co-create Trip-Hop music with Jeannette Mariani, a Fashion designer, Gallery owner, and POP Culture and Drawing Prof. at the world-renown art school Ecole Nationale Supérieuredes Beaux-Arts. Recording in a studio located inside a French Fashion Clothing Factory, not speaking a word in French, and communicating with Hubert Cesarion,a French Musician, hip hop dancer, and producer of the French hip hop festival, using only movement and dance, was beyond borders andbarriers experience in itself.

PriYa believes that Art is the only international language that anyone can speak, no prior knowledge needed all you need to do is give it a try.

They say that at this or that point, everybody who is somebody stops by at Rue des Beaux-Arts, where the famous Echol the Beaux Art is located. Living in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the very heart of the Parisian Gallery scene, holding open studio visits, PriYa spent time with some of the elder art dealers, becoming acquainted with artists like Picasso, Dali, Giacometti, Samuel Beckett, and even Andy Warhol from their best friends. That led to her series of pop drawings influenced by Picasso.

Priya's painting exhibition sponsored by the seemingly French Branch of the Jerusalem Post attracted the attention of the NY-based Salander-O'Reilly Galleries. In a 2005 Wall Street Journal column had called Salander-O’Reilly “a commercial art gallery that feels like a museum.” The luxury magazine Robb Report rated it the top gallery in the world.


Moving to New York in support of America, moved by the Sep11th attack, Priya's close connection with the fashion industry, continued to expand. 2004, PriYa exhibit with the French High-Fashion designer Celine at the Whitney Museum "Madison Avenue-Fashion Meets Art" curated by Robert G. Edelman, an art critic for Art in America, ArtPress, and Artnet. That inspired her to design a Hat Collection. 


Living in Upper East Side NY, a step away from the Metropolitan Museum but without a proper studio to paint, PriYs created the first Digital Pop Art artworks. Like Marie-Antoinette said “Qu’ils mangentde la brioche“, meaning "if they don't have bread let them eat cake”. A Pop Art cake


John Lennon Priya N. Chen Video Art


Apart from producing a Sept. 11th Doco-Music with eleven NY based musicians, recommended by the City of NY Culture dep. and developing an ongoing project, "Ground Control", a Sep11th Sci-Fi film, PriYa recorded few tracks with Chris Young, an established record producerhat shared stage with Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, George Clinton, Blood Sweat, and Tears produced George Clinton, remixed Ashlee Simpson and DJ Skribble to name a few. For the track "Hey Jude I miss you too" Music by Chris Young, lyrics, and singing by PriYa, she produced video art. 


It was one of those open mic channeling sessions and Chris took the challenge to make a track in 10 minutes. Priya says we had no idea what will happen and we just went for it Chris doing his magic and PriYa channeling lyrics. At the time, Priya was already designing a Strawberryliving Monument in the form of the word Forever she envisioned for John's spot in Central Park. The above lyrics just floated of consciousness. It must have been a spiritual message for Julian because,at the end of the session, mixed and mastered by Genuine Chris, in lessthan 15 min, coming out of the singing boot, Chris shows PriYa a Julian Lennon's gold record displaying on the wall, telling her that Julian Lennon, who is Jude, recorded his gold album in this studio and when didwell, the lights flicked- it was John.

That inspired PriYa to create a video art for that piece. She was in search of a John look-alike actor but she couldn't find one. Two days before shooting and no word from the acting agency. A guy from Greg's list comes to PriYa's place selling her an apple computer. As he leaves her place, it hits PriYa he looks likes John. She runs to the window calling him back. Turns out he was a Canadian actor who jumped into the role.

It was once again one of those spiritual mysteries that a John look-alike appeared just in time and out of the blue. But then, John is always full of surprises. PriYa says John is a real mystery in her life ever since her visit to Vrindavan where the Beatles Ashram is located. She regards John as her Brindavan guardian angel and created numerous artworks to feature their shared spiritual practice and perception.

The Video art features PriYa walking in wall street, downtown NY, near Johns's house, with John behind and crossing paths in NY, with the military all around, still under with the impact of Sep 11th, with a huge hole left on Ground Zero.

Throughout art history, self-portrait has remained a practice among leading artists in every movement, from the inspired Renaissance to the Contemporary period, from Rembrandt to Andy Warhol. With professional education in dance, directing, and acting and lead roles in Theater, since her early childhood, PriYa worked in both sides of the Camera. All through her career, PriYa produced Self-Portraits and worked as Art Model in collaboration with Photo Artists as well as taking Selfies, using computers, long before the iPhone camera was invented and the term Selfie was born.

under the budda tree

In NY, PriYa collaborated with a few stills and Video photographers like the established Museum artists Robert Bery and fringe artist Tasciotti, also participating in his short films. On the spiritual front, she joined a group exhibition, "Physics of Spirituality," with world-famous artists amongst Alex Grey, curated by James Cavello, Westwood Gallery, NY.  

The exhibition, promoting the kabbalah center, Rabi Berg's book "72 Names of God" and announcing a Spiritual Art Movement attracted Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore, and other spiritual Stars.

Blessed by Berg at the feet of Madonna and Guy, inspired the creation of Hollywood Stars Pop Art of Maddona, 2Pack, Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, David Bowie...

elvis presly pop art portrait

connecting the Old Masters to the living ones. Marilyn Monroe's estate loved the artworks and thought its time to add to Warhol's fabulous portraits of the iconic beauty, but PriYa left NY and their offer behind. And soon you discover why.

All great stories have a downfall.

It's an exceptional move gallery featuring Old Masters artworks takes on board a young living contemporary abstract painter. But the art speaks for itself, and PriYa was the only young living artist accepted for representation by Salander-O'Reilly Galleries.

Salander-O'Reilly Galleries featured Old Masters masterpieces valued in hundreds of millions of dollars. PriYa's artworks were pending exposition back to back, canvas next canvas, with the greatest Artists of all times like Caravaggio, Rembrandt, El Greco, Botticelli, and other brilliant masters that you will find in the Neoclassical Pop Art collection.

Salander-O'Reilly also represented reputable artists like Sir Robert De Niro, American abstract expressionist painter and the father of actor Robert De Niro, the New York Observer publisher Arthur Carter, Hester Diamond the art collector mom of Beastie Boys Mike D. and did business with the likes of John McEnroe. Waiting patiently for the promised exposition and launching the art into the US Market seems worth at the time, and loyalty comes with artistry.

But, a Ponzi scam run by the art dealer, Lawrance Salander, sent him to serve 18 years in jail. And left Robert de Niro, John McEnroe, and other High Renaissance Art investors in an unmeasurable financial loss, leaving PriYa and the most significant ant painting innovation of the century, infringed in hundreds of millions of dollars.

priya.n.chen sculptures

Earl Davis, son of the American Modernist painter Stuart Davis, victim to the scam said: “Time may have the ability to heal all wounds, but such profound personal betrayal is timeless,” and timeless it is.

As the sole female artist in the whole of humanity creating a novel painting expression, and the only living artist to the scam, Art Historians will ponder the why and the potential loss. Perhaps Andy Warhol phrased it best: "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Strangely enough, in his defense, Salander claimed he commenced fraud on the belief that there is an undervalued market for Renaissance art due to the lack of recognition of the inherent value and importance of art from that period in comparison to contemporary art.

DNA Object ID series of acoulprures

“If you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority and base your reasoning on your own findings.” Leonardo Da Vinci

But, even if it was the truth, you can only make wrong by making the right. The Old Masters always stood up for the highest ethical conduct, acting with due respect to the long tradition of both the sacred knowledge and order of the art. Neoclassical Pop Art aims to revive ethical art trading with the adoption of new technology.

Seizing the measure of the socioeconomic high-end art scam, PriYa Left the Art World but not the Art.

“Truth, at last, cannot be hidden. Dissimulation is of no avail. Dissimulation is to no purpose before so great a judge. Falsehood puts on a mask. Nothing is hidden under the sun.” Leonardo da Vinci

Now days, those Abstract artworks selectively offered to high-end collectors with the capability of preserving their historical value. Serious collectors can send inquiry to:, 

Following up on her vision for a New Millennium Digital Renaissance, and off of the Art Industry, PriYa spent the next period in India and the United Kingdom. Moving between attaining Enlightenment at the feet of the greatest sages of the 20th century, adding light where darkness fell, and pursuing her life-long passion, meeting the genius of da Vinci and the Old Masters, and mastering as many art and science forms.

“To become an artist you have to be curious.” Leonardo Da Vinci

In the great United Kingdom, PriYa mastered 3D, Music Production, Sound Engineering & Sound design, producing music with great artists like Massive attack, Spice Girls, Shade, and Bjork producers, and recording Bob Marley musicians and other great ones, also offered working at the Abbey Road Studio of David Bowie which she never did, but she did create a lot of Pop Art featuring Davis Bowie. Her end goal is to compose and design the sound for her fiilm "Ground Control", and she regrets Bowie is no longer with us because she wanted him to play Major Tom in her film.

All while studying, she kept developing projects in Paris and NY.

In India, PriYa kept further developing her painting expression from monochrome abstract to Abstract Symbolism, Figurative Abstract and studying the old Master realism painting method, aiming to meet her end goal establishing her painting expression in Realism, thus creating a full spectrum of a new to the art history language created upside down and opposite to the traditional art history development and teachings that started with the classical painting to abstract. PriYa develops her unique painting expression language from Abstract towards realism.

This methodic of thinking and creation can be compared against da Vinci's decoding his scientific inventions using "mirroring writing". A method used in ancient Egyptian temples to transfer sacred spiritual knowledge.

This method of thinking and creation better understood against da Vinci's decoding his scientific inventions using "mirroring writing". A system used in ancient Egyptian temples to transfer sacred spiritual knowledge.

ground control

In addition, PriYa developed her Kinetic Art sculptures experimenting with enhancing their energy with natural materials connected to Enlighten Masters. She wrote poetry, philosophy, develop her film script.  Created architecture plan for the fantastic worlds for her Sci-Fi Sept 11 film, designed a new Glob theatre, created what she called Indian Pop Art, and developed her American Pop Art artistic language amongst other projects.

Side with, PriYa mastered None Dual Knowledge Philosophy, anthropology, sacred geometry, and signs, learned IP law and business, etc. all of which reflects in all her creations and innovations.

Like Andy Warhol says: “Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

POPART: Art redefined

Although PriYa kept developing Neoclassical Pop Art expression for the last two decades in India, the UK, France, Belgium, and Israel, she notes pioneering digital pop art in NY and regards it as American Art.

elvis presly pop art portrait

Keeping up the culture of Art that investigates itself, within itself for sake of expanding itself, each Neoclassical Pop Art artwork attributes credit to its initial creator. Neoclassical Pop Art features a visual in-depth inner Dialog with the Old Masters touching on themes of Spirituality, Morality, Ethics, Aesthetics, Mythology, and Classic History. For that reason, each Neoclassical Pop Art piece carries a "Neoclassical Pop Art" pseudonym signature that represents both PriYa and the Old Masters.

Some Neoclassical Pop Art masterpieces offer a third and fourth generation of commencing on the original artwork in a lawful artistic manner. Unlike copyright infringement or copy-making, appropriation art is respectful to the source and adds a meaningful perspective to the aesthetics of the primary piece. Each Neoclassical Pop Art piece delivers the combined spirit of all its historical creators.

Neoclassical Pop Art Brand logo features an appropriation after Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing "Vitruvian Man" which Leonardo himself appropriated after Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect, that created it 1,500 years earlier.

The subject of traditional Pop Art mainly sources from everyday life and far from classical "high art," Neoclassical Pop Art does the exact opposite. Making Classical Art Pop, using the High Tech boom, we aim to establish contemporary High-Art in everyday life.

Like traditional Pop Art we dim the boundaries between "high" art and "low" culture, but, coming from the opposite direction, we bring forth a Digital Rainesance making High Art accessible to all industry participants worldwide. 

Leonardo da Vinci says: "Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art ”

Neoclassical Pop Art presents High-End Contemporary Pop Art featuring an Original Expression that differentiates yet adds to Andy Warhol and other Pop Art fםunding fathers' already existing styles. We reinvent Pop Art- by means of expression, production and distribution.

Like Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, and James Rosenquist, PriYa too have a background in Commercial Art, and "We hope you will enjoy the show"

Neoclassical Pop Art is here to recreate History once again.

Great art always rises to the top. Neoclassical Pop Art is ground floor to Cyber Pop Art. Offering high-end art in a new business model that answers the emerging market needs with the adoption of new technology. We deliver you directly high-end art in a price range to meet both the art enthusiastic tight on the budget and the high-end collector. 

Smart collector knows the right time to buy! Seize an opportunity to own art with increasing value created by an Artist of significant historical value. Neoclassical Pop Art collectibles are certain to rise in value, so your Return on Investment is Guaranteed.